What a trip!

Hello from the USA!
We arrived home from our three-week trip on Tuesday, but it feels like we have been gone for a year! It is hard to believe that the trip has come to an end, yet I know the work is really just beginning. Over the past few weeks, we had the privilege of getting to know three of the most inspiring, giving, and loving women I have ever known. I can truly say that it is honor to tell the story of Sister Crispina, Astridah, and Margaret and I can’t wait to share it with you.
As this leg of our journey ends and a new one begins, there are a few people who I want you to know about. First and foremost our incredible ground crew that got up at dawn and never complained, lugged at least 200 pounds of equipment around all day, and brought incredible talent and energy to every shot. Not only are Brandon, Richard, and Kasey three of the most supportive, hardworking, and creative people I know, but their work has blown my expectations out of the water. From Unite the World With Africa, Anne Wells and Kim Merriman not only brilliantly organized every detail of our trip, but also allowed us precious access into a world they have come to know and deeply love. Their knowledge and thoughtful introductions allowed us to capture this story honestly, and with open hearts. Our LA crew, Kallan, Jessie, and Cooper were always the first people to offer support, advice, and lend a hand when I needed help and without them, I would never have been able to keep going. Our associate producer Kallan was the sole reason our Indiegogo campaign happened and successfully led every creative brainstorming session. Michael Taylor and Sean Bowman at the Media Institute for Social Change have been instrumental in our planning process and have kept our vision for social change clear and consistent even when things were foggy. Lastly each and every one of our donors and supporters who helped make our trip possible, I can honestly say, without any reservation, that you will not be disappointed. Thank you for believing in us.
As we head into this next phase, there are two people who’s support has defined this entire project. John Lavall and Kate Kelley at Devlo Media are the reason this entire film is possible. When I tentatively approached them with the idea, they were the first people to say, “Go for it, we’re behind you 100%.” Over the next few months, I will be working with them side by side to edit together the best story we possibly can. They are my mentors, role models, and biggest fans and I am so lucky to have met them. (I figure I should say how thankful I am for them now before things get heated in the editing room.) Additionally, John and Kate introduced me to the talented Emmett Cooke who will be composing the score for the film over the next phase as well. I am lucky to be working with such talented people who are giving so much of themselves and their time in order to tell this story.
Lastly, while I am still working to eloquently articulate our experiences in Tanzania which I will share with you on our blog this summer, I wanted to first send you a brief clip we cut together of Sister Crispina, the sole founder and director of St. Josephs Orphanage. Enjoy and more to come!

Audrey and The Pamoja Project Team