The end of our first full day in Tanzania!

Hello from Tanzania! 

It is officially the end of our first full day in Tanzania. We arrived in Dar Es Salaam late last night and immediately went to bed to try and beat the jet lag!  Figuring out how to use those mosquito nets was definitely an adventure, but we figured it out and made it through the night bite free! Today we woke up early for breakfast before heading out on the 4 hour drive to Morogoro for the first day of shooting.  We have so much luggage it takes up almost half the bus all by itself!

 After arriving in Morogoro, we had a quick lunch at the hotel where we were able to meet with and get to know Astridah, the first women will be profiling. We then took off for Sega Girl’s School, which Astridah helped to found, once served as headmistress, and currently sits on the board of directors. Sega Girl’s School is a boarding school for students in Form 1-4, similar to high school in the United States, and currently houses around 120 students. 

The students in Form Three welcomed us with open arms and gave both Astridah and us a little tour of the property. They showed us their classrooms, their dormitories, the netball court, and even the chicken coop that houses over 1,000 chickens. These children use the eggs from the chickens as part of their entrepreneurial venture, selling them in town as well as in a small store on the campus.  Additionally, we were able to see their computer lab, the library, and the first building that originally held the school before it grew into what it is today.  With the picturesque backdrop of the Uluguru mountains, we had an awesome day getting to know the students and Astridah. When it started to get dark we all packed back into the vans to head back to the hotel for dinner and a debrief on the day! Tomorrow we will meet Astridah at her home and be able to visit her farm and another school she founded back in 1993. We will be sure to update you as often as possible! Thank you for your continued support!

Much love,
Audrey, Brandon, Richard, and Kasey

(originally posted June 19, 2015)