Second update from the field: Hello from Arusha!


We have reached Arusha Tanzania where we will be based for the rest of our trip! 

For the past 4 days, our team has had a wonderful time listening and following Astridah in Morogoro! While with her, we have learned so much about all of the incredible work she has been doing and the relationships she had built within her village. Not only is she currently working as the Assistant Dean of Students at Mzumbe University, we learned throughout our time with her that she is somewhat of a mother to almost everyone in the village. Everywhere we went people ran up to her and would say, "Mambo mama! Hamjambo?" which is Kiswahili for "Hello Mama! How are you?" Astridah opens her home to anyone and everyone she meets who is in need of support. Additionally, we were able to visit two of the schools she helped to start, meeting the current headmasters and a few of her former students. Our time with Astridah was so eye opening and powerful, leaving us with not only incredible footage but wonderful memories and relationships.

While our time with Astridah has come to an end, we are so excited to meet with the next two women we will be following in our film. This morning we travelled to Arusha, in a very small (slightly frightening) propeller plane. Once we arrived, we were able to visit the art gallery Cultural Heritage and grab a quick lunch before heading out to meet Margaret. 

We travelled to Sable Square, where Margaret runs the Tanzania Masaai Women’s Art gallery. Here she sells beaded jewelry, handmade by Masaai women. She showed us around her shop, let us try on all different types of jewellery and told us a little bit about her life. Tomorrow we are going to the Masaai tribe that Margaret works with to get a glimpse into their life and the business that she runs. Below are some pictures from our trip so far including two stills from our footage of Margaret today!

Much love,
Audrey, Brandon, Richard, and Kasey

(originally posted on June 23, 2015)