Check out the article in Easy Bay Life!

Hey Rhode Island area friends! Check out the article that appeared in the Sakonnet Times last week! Below is an excerpt: 

Emerson has dubbed her undertaking “The Pamoja Project”—the Swahili word for together. The resulting 30 minute documentary will share the stories of three Tanzanian women working tirelessly to effect change in their communities.

“These women all have unbelievable stories,” says Emerson.

There’s Sister Crispina, who had a (sadly prescient) dream of finding a dead baby in the streets. After it came true, she approached her pastor who gave her $20 and an acre to establish a nursery—which now houses 43 children in 2 dorms. There’s Margaret, who works with the Masai women to help them market and sell their handmade jewelry, funneling the profits back in to their community. And there’s Astridah, who works with young women who are considered at risk for unwanted pregnancy, helping them learn life skills and get vocational training.

“I believe inspiration, positivity and enthusiasm breeds more inspiration, positivity, and enthusiasm,” says Emerson. “My challenge is to tell their story in a way that is honest. We spend too much time focusing on problems and not enough on solutions. Empowering these women to come up with local solutions adds up to global change.”


Written by Christy Nadalin, Easy Bay RI