One year ago this week...

...This film was an incredibly big dream. With all heart and little else to run with, I could never have predicted that one year later, we would have accomplished our production goal completely.
Since October, 2014 we have raised over $30,000 dollars in production funds, packaged over $150,000 of in-kind donations, sent a small crew to Tanzania, shot 16 days of footage, and most importantly captured the story of three of the most inspiring and perspective-enriching individuals in the world. And along this journey, what started as a big dream gained momentum and snowballed into a team of talented professionals all focused on sharing this amazing true story. To everyone who made this first step possible, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In the months since our return, I’ve been driven to look deeper into why this documentary is so immensely important to me. As we pick up speed in post-production, I’ve boiled down my inspiration to one key fact—I believe thatchange comes from realizing our unwavering connection to one another. Debuting this story on the silver screen will be a vehicle for us to harness and share the real ideas and energy that create change. Astridah, Crispina, and Margaret pour everything they have into helping those around them. They know that big problems don’t always call for big solutions, and this film is about making their passion and momentum unstoppable and realizing their vision for a worldwide audience.

As the project enters post-production, we are so happy to have set a completion date for the first cut of the film! Little known to most, post-production is an intensive process where passion, work ethic and wherewithal are put to the test. As we drive forward toward our next step, we are taking on new team members to meet our ambitious deadline and will be sure to keep you posted every step of the way.