Featured on Shining the Light Blog with Joan Shulman

My wonderful coach Joan Shulman just started a "Shining the Light" feature on her blog and I was humbled when she asked to feature my and The Pamoja Project. Check out the post here and learn more about Joan's work!

In her own words: "Creating connection between others through my work is a strong value of mine. It eludes me at times because aside from running small workshops, primarily I work one-on-one. To this end I’ve decided to feature people, blogs, essays and events that have inspired or moved me. Some of these folks are my coaching clients; others are teachers and colleagues who have greatly influenced me. Some are friends and others are complete strangers. Warning… I find beauty and amazement in what you may see as ordinary, so be sure to stay open and take your time. Hopefully, shining a light on what inspires me, will also light you up! As always, let me know what you think."