John Lavall and Kate Kelley – Devlo Media 

Producers and Post Production Editors 

Devlo Media was started in 1997 by John Lavall, an EMMY® Award-winning producer and director from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. His work has been broadcast nationally on PBS and his documentary films have shown in festivals throughout the US and internationally. In 2012, Kate Kelley, a photographer and cinematographer from Boston, MA, joined the team. Devlo Media is a full service multimedia production company, producing award-winning documentary films, public service announcements, iPad multimedia projects and broadcast television commercials. We are a skilled film, video and production team with location credits worldwide and can handle any project, large or small, from preproduction to post. Devlo Media's projects have garnered several national awards, including seven Telly Awards, ten EMMY® Nominations and four EMMY® Awards. Recently completed projects include Le Wi Tok (Let Us Talk) the story of a Sierra Leone community’s transformation through radio, from war and poverty to peace and prosperity; Home Across Lands, a documentary that explores how a small group of resettled Kunama refugees find support and reestablish their sense of community in a small New England state; and a short film documenting the work of the Africa Teacher Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya.